7 Ways To Make Your Rented Apartment Safer Than Ever

It doesn’t really matter where you live because it should always be your top priority to stay safe and secure at all times. If you are living in your own home, you can install as many security systems as you like anytime you want. But, it can be a completely different story as far as apartments for rent are concerned.

Renters have very limited options when it comes to adding security. However, you don’t have to worry because listed below are 7 ways to make your rented apartment safer than ever.

  1. Get to Know Your Neighbors

If you want your apartment to be safe and secure, make sure you spend time to get to know your neighbors better. If you know and befriend your neighbors, they are more likely to watch out for suspicious activities and people in the area and alert others when they see something fishy. Approach the people living in the same complex and talk to them in the common areas.

  1. Check the Lighting in Your Apartment Complex

Although property managers oversee apartment complexes, they might not be aware of bulbs that went out or dark areas in the hallways. Let them know that some areas feel unsafe because of absence of adequate lighting so they can get things fixed right away.

  1. Request for a New Lock on Your Front Door

One of the basic security measures when moving to apartments for rent is to request for new locks on the front door. This can give you the assurance that no one will just barge inside, such as the previous tenant who might still have copies of the keys to the old lock.

  1. Keep Your Windows Covered

Most intruders tend to observe and look around before they choose a specific target. To ensure that your apartment won’t be inviting to them, you can use blinds to cover your windows. It is even more important to shut the blinds at night or when you are not at home.

  1. Ask If You Can Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are now easier to install and more affordable than they used to be in the past. Just make sure that you ask the property manager first if you are allowed to have one in your apartment.

  1. Install a Security System

Trying to drill holes in apartments for rent is sometimes not allowed so most renters shy away from the idea. Good thing that there are now available wireless alarm systems that don’t require any drilling at all. There are also freestanding sirens that can scare off burglars or alert you if there are problems.

  1. Use a Safe

In the worst case scenario that someone does manage to break into your apartment, you have to ensure that they can’t take all of your belongings with them. A high quality and durable safe can deter not only burglars but also those not so trustworthy guests and nosy roommates. Keep your money, heirlooms, jewelry, important documents, firearms and other valuables in your safe and ask your landlord if you can bolt it to the floor or wall for maximum security.

While apartments for rent full of people feel safer than standalone houses, burglaries can still happen. Follow one or all of these 7 ways to make your rented apartment safer than ever and enjoy better peace of mind day and night.

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