3 Tips For Updating An Older Home

If you’ve recently purchased an older home from someone moving into a senior living community after being in their home for decades, you might want to make some modern changes to the property. However, knowing how to balance maintaining the integrity and history of an older home with getting the modern design and amenities that you desire can be a challenge.

To help you in figuring all of this out, here are three tips for updating an older home. 

Consider Changes That Could Be Easily Undone

If you know for certain that the home you’ve just purchased is one that you plan to live in for the rest of your life, then you can feel more confident in any changes that you make. As long as you like what you’ve done to the home, then there’s no harm in making the changes. But if you think there’s a chance that you’ll sell this home at some point in your lifetime, you may want to be a bit more careful about what updates you make to an older home. 

In many older homes, there are features that many people find charming. And if you take these things out, it could reduce the value of the home, at least in the eyes of potential future buyers. To counteract this, you should consider what changes you can make to the older home that could easily be undone if someone else doesn’t like them. This would include more cosmetic changes as opposed to changes in the structure of the home. 

Modernize With New Hardware

One of the changes that you should be comfortable making and that can have a big impact on how modern the home looks is updating the hardware. Pulls on drawers and cabinets as well as hardware in areas like the kitchen and bathroom can be obvious signs of when a home was built. These things can really age a home.

Knowing this, you may want to change out some of the hardware for something more modern that can help update the look and feel of the space while also being more functional for you. 

Find Ways To Save The Floors

In many older homes, the materials used to construct the home were of a much higher quality than modern homes. They tend to have stronger wood used in construction, more solid hardwood floors, and other materials that were built to stand the test of time.

With this in mind, you should do all that you can to save these quality features in your older home, especially the flooring. As long as it’s in good condition, you may want to work to preserve the flooring so that you have a great product at the foundation of your home while also having something that will continue to look great for years to come. 

If you want to make updates to an older home that you own, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this. 

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