Design Tips For Your New Apartment 

Renting a place to live means that you have to follow certain rules within the space.  As a renter, you probably aren’t allowed to alter the structure of your layout, but you can still do a lot to make your rental space a home.  

Apartment living may also limit you on space, but that’s no road block for a good design.  Arm yourself with the right knowledge, and you’ll be living in apartment luxury.  Take a look at some design tips for your new apartment, and start building the ultimate nest today.  

Make your small spaces feel larger

The style of furniture you choose for your apartment can make it feel more spacious.  Tables with longer or stylish legs help make the room look bigger by keeping the eyes moving down the whole length of the piece.  

You could also choose glass or see-through pieces to help keep it light in a room.  When you are working on decorating your bedroom, choose a bed that sits a little lower to the ground than normal.  It will add height to the room.  A tall bed will make the room feel much smaller.

Choose the right colors 

The colors you choose for your walls and your decor can make the room feel either very small and cluttered or spacious and comfortable.  Keeping base colors light is a good way to start.  Small spaces do well with one darker accent wall, but keep the bolder colors to a minimum.  

Also, maintaining a certain level of cohesion throughout the apartment will help make it all feel more like a home.  For example, the wood stain on the nightstand in the bedroom is the same as the wood stain on the coffee table in the living room.  

Get creative with your storage 

Small spaces require creativity in storage.  Your furniture can make a huge difference in your storage capabilities in a limited space.  A coffee table that opens up to a box for storage or floating shelves on the walls can really open up the possibilities.

Organization works wonders when you’re living in a small apartment.  Whenever you can find a way to put away the clutter in an organized manner, do it.  

Use curtains instead of blinds 

The blinds that often come in rental apartments make the place feel a bit institutional.  Blinds are cold and uninviting.  Get rid of the blinds, or at least cover them up with some long, flowy curtains.  Hang the curtain rods high, and drape your curtains down to the floor to create height.

Pick out a statement piece 

Pick out a piece that will stand as a focal point in your space.  Your apartment would do well with a colorful area rug in the living room or a brightly colored bookshelf in the hallway.  A great statement piece will take visitor’s eyes off of the more problematic areas of your design. 

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