Moving to Corona Del Mar: Your Ultimate Guide to Relocating in Style

In Spanish, Corona del Mar means “Crown of the Sea.” It’s a fitting title for the approximately 15,000 people of this seaside town just an hour south of Los Angeles. Although it is home to one of Orange County’s most stunning and distinctive beach activities, it may take some getting used to for those who are from somewhere other than the West Coast. The change, though, is worthwhile. When individuals relocate here, they tend to settle down for the long haul. So, if you’re considering making this coastal paradise your permanent or temporary home, here’s the guide to making a move in style.

Find a reputable real estate agent

Finding a reliable Corona del Mar real estate agent is essential when moving to Corona del Mar. Their expertise will guide you through the upscale coastal community’s competitive housing market, ensuring you secure a dream home in style. A skilled agent will understand your preferences, budget, and lifestyle needs, making the relocation seamless and enjoyable. With their local knowledge and network, you’ll gain access to the finest properties and successfully transition to this beautiful destination.

Expect events suitable for families

  • The island of style

You can find the finest boutiques and clothing brands on Fashion Island. Bring the kids or round up your favorite ladies and gents since this premier outdoor shopping complex has something for everyone. You can visit your favorite high-end boutiques like Armani, Chanel, and Apple. There is more to Fashion Island than a shopping destination. You can watch a film at the theater or participate in community events like yoga classes.

  • Newport Dunes

Expect to have a wonderful day in Newport Dunes with your kids. The beach now offers more than simply swimming thanks to the addition of inflatable, bouncy platforms, slides, and the like. It’s perfect for family fun. The Dunes are accessible to the public, and their standard entrance fees apply. There is a marina there where you may take boat trips. 

  • The Pirate Coast Paddle Company

Pirate Coast Paddle Company is one of Newport’s greatest places for renting paddleboards and kayaks. Their bottom-lit paddleboards make for a magical evening on the water and are something you won’t find anywhere else.

A relaxed way of life

Corona del Mar’s laid-back vibe is a natural result of the city’s location on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It may be quite a cultural shock for anyone used to the bustle of bigger cities. Suppose you’re still getting used to the area. In that case, it might be best to go with the flow and take advantage of all the wonderful things Corona del Mar offers, such as its trendy restaurants, charming shops, and year-round mild climate made possible by the town’s busy social scene.

Be ready to explore the great outdoors

The community of Corona del Mar is perfect for those who like being outside. There are, of course, the beaches; five of them, to be precise. The northernmost point of Corona’s coastline is home to the charming China Cove and Pirates Cove. Scuba divers and snorkelers use Little Corona del Mar Beach to the south, while walkers and birdwatchers enjoy Cameo Shores Beach when the tide is out. Corona del Mar State Beach is the main attraction, frequented by sunbathers, swimmers, snorkelers, beach volleyball players, and surfers/bodysurfers.

However, there is more to Corona del Mar than its beaches. Beautiful hiking options may be found at the Buck Gully Reserve extension that stretches into the neighborhood. You may take in breathtaking ocean views in the tranquil atmosphere of Jasmine View Park. The southernmost Little Treasure Cove, the northernmost family-friendly Irvine Terrace Park, and the easternmost San Miguel and Spyglass Hill Parks are highly recommended.

As you move to Corona del Mar, you can look forward to a style, elegance, and leisure life in this coastal paradise. From the stunning natural beauty and outdoor activities to the charming village atmosphere and exquisite lifestyle, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Embrace the laid-back coastal lifestyle, immerse yourself in the welcoming community, and create lasting memories in your new home in Corona del Mar. Happy relocating!

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