What Are The Differences Between HOA Companies And Property Management Companies?

Many people get confused about property management and HOA companies. Both of them work for the benefit of the homeowners. However, there are several differences between the two in terms of functioning and management. A property manager is a person, who can look after your property and even assist you in renting and selling it. On the other hand, scottsdale hoa management companies have much more to accomplish for the homeowner associations. A few of the key differences between the two are explained below: 

HOA are the rule makers 

The homeowner associations are responsible for implying rules for communities. These rules may include paying, maintaining and even behaving in society for the homeowners. A property manager is a professional, who needs to understand these rules properly and follow them from time to time. If you have hired a property manager, you need to ask him whether he is aware of HOA rules.

HOA can enforce rules

One major difference between the two is that your property manager cannot enforce the rules of the society whereas an HOA can do so.  If the property or your tenants fail to obey these rules or break any of them, HOA can impose fines and penalties. You may also be fined for it if you are a property owner. That’s why, it is important to make your property manager aware of these laws and rules beforehand.

Scope of management

If you have hired a property manager, he will only be responsible for looking after your property and getting involved in selling, renting and repairing. He has nothing to do with the common space in society. On the other hand, an HOA is responsible for managing swimming pools, parks, gardens and walking trails. 

HOA does not handle your property 

If you are a property owner, you will need to hire a property manager to carry out various activities on your property such as repairing, maintaining, renting and selling. An HOA is not responsible to perform these tasks. It will not find the tenants for you but your property manager will do. It is his duty to impose the rules made by an HOA on them.

Your interests are important to the property manager 

An HOA has nothing to do with your interests with regard to your property but your property manager works for your benefit.

If you want to take care of your property in a better manner, you should hire a good property manager.