Ways to Fix the Intercom Buzzer of Your Apartment

An intercom buzzer is seen as a beneficial device for apartments. However, being a machine, there is a possibility that it can malfunction. In most of the cases, there is a quick solution to a problem. You will need to follow simple steps to resolve the problem.

Step 1 – Examine the button of the Apartment Intercom Buzzer

In most of the cases, the button of the intercom buzzer is the fault. It is important to examine wear and tear. If the button is in proper shape, then you need to take it out of the casing and look at the state of the wires. Make sure that the wires are connected properly to the button. Clean the arrangement by a clean cloth soaked in alcohol.

Ensure the correctness of the voltage by using a voltage meter. If a crime occurs on touching these wires, then the problem lies in the switch. If you do not get any sound or it echoes slightly, then it is a sign of a faulty transformer. Floyd Total Security system is one of the most reputed and trusted providers of home security systems, MN.              

Evaluate the condition of the transformer

The transformer lies in the enclosure of the chime. Evaluate the low voltage wires attached to it. If you find these wires in a loose state, then it implies that you need to tighten them with the help of a screwdriver. This can get your buzzer again in the working state.

If the problem still persists, then check the voltage of the transformer using the digital multimeter. Set it at the 50-voltage range. On identifying a voltage less than 6 volts or high voltage above 16 volts, then you need to replace your transformer.

With the help of electrical tape, you can mark the location of the wires of the transformer. It is necessary to match the wires present on the circuit panel to match with the ones in the incoming transformer.

Check the Wiring of Buzzer

This is the last thing that you need to examine before calling in the experts. Evaluate the wiring present below the chime covering. With the help of the electrical tape and screwdriver, tighten any loose wires and mend the worn ones.

Now you need to test for voltage with the help of the voltmeter. If you find that the readings are less than 6V or above 16V, then it shows a defect in the chimes. Replacing them can help in solving the problem.


These are some of the easy ways to troubleshoot your intercom buzzer of the apartment.